Global Logistics Professional

A Professional Designation Program

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Logistics professionals play key roles in the world’s economy as they keep companies, governments, and supply chains running smoothly throughout the process of shipping, distribution, and delivery. Using specialized skills to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost and environmental impact, logistics professionals are vital in ensuring that people and products get where they need to go around the world. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a nearly 30% employment growth for logistics professionals between 2020 and 2030, while U.S. News & World Report ranked them in the top 10 of their Best Business Jobs list. These types of workers have many different job titles across a growing list of industries that are essential to the local, state, and national economies—from retail, finance, and manufacturing to sports and entertainment, technology, disaster response, and much more.

Decades of Experience in a Strategic Location
For more than 25 years, the Global Logistics Professional (GLP) program has pioneered an innovative approach to logistics education in Southern California’s thriving trade nexus, which includes the massive Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as well as CSULB’s Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT). The GLP program was created to equip current and future generations of logistics professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for a wide variety of employment opportunities. 

Expert Instructors for a Range of Different Students
GLP students and alumni benefit from connecting with instructors who work for a diverse range of leading international companies and organizations. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum for a range of different students and educational goals, from those ready to explore the logistics field for the first time to lifelong learners who are seeking continued professional growth. The program is also ideal for companies that can benefit from workforce development opportunities for their current employees as well as a talent pool for future hires.

Flexible Schedule for Balanced Lifestyles
Online classes offer a flexible learning experience to maintain a healthy balance between personal, professional, and academic schedules while benefiting from interactive sessions with peers and mentors. The two separate courses can be completed in about four months, during which students concentrate on a case study of a fast-fashion global retailer that culminates in the presentation of an Integrated Logistics Plan before a panel of industry experts.

Connections to a World of Opportunities
Whether you’re new to the field of logistics, transitioning into a different area of the industry, or aiming to improve the workflow of your current job, this program can help you achieve your goals. Visit the scholarships page to learn more about current opportunities offered by major employers, industry associations, and other organizations that support the specialized training of the GLP program. 

  • Newcomers to the logistics field
  • Experienced professionals seeking opportunities for career change or advancement
  • High school or college graduates looking for a competitive edge in their job search
  • Veterans seeking to leverage their military logistics skills in civilian contexts
  • Gain industry-relevant expertise and credentials
  • Explore new opportunities, higher-level positions, or career transitions
  • Connect with professionals to build future collaborations
  • Join a vibrant community of alumni who can offer support and guidance
  • Access scholarship opportunities from leading industry associations
  • Earn a digital badge to showcase experience on resumes, websites, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Strategies to effectively navigate logistics operations
  • Critical factors that impact supply chains
  • Ethical and sustainable policy perspectives
  • The role of technology in solving logistics challenges
  • Complex interactions between consumers and industries
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • The value of a data-driven decision-making process
  • Complete two courses required for the program:
    • CITT 204 - Trends in Global Trade
    • CITT 202 - Integrated Logistics Management
  • Complete all assignments and assessments.
  • Present a business proposal to an industry panel
  • Earning a passing score on final presentation and proposal
  • Complete all program requirements within one year
Calvin Bragg

Every instructor went above and beyond. I don't know of any other program where a student can sit with industry leaders and pose questions, inquire as to how they achieved their success, and learn just how they did it. This course introduced me to so many new ideas and has changed the way I think about Global Logistics.

Calvin Bragg Safety & Compliance Director, Western Region, US MultiModal Group Global Logistics Professional