International Training Programs

International Training Programs (ITP) at CSULB offers a variety of educational opportunities for people from different countries. Our goal is to bring academic and professional programs to global audiences. We are dedicated to promoting academic and cultural exchanges internationally by utilizing the abundant resources and expertise of our university as well as the strong support of our community.

Customized short-term and long-term training programs are offered year-round. Highly qualified faculty and industry experts present topics that cater to the individual needs of each training group, including educators, professionals from various fields, and current or future university students. 

We also offer a wide variety of online training programs. Please submit an inquiry through “Ask A Question”.

Public Administration

  • Environment, Energy, Resources, and Economic Sustainability
  • Regional Economic Development and Urban Planning
  • Healthcare Reform and Food and Drug Safety
  • Taxation System and Auditing, Government Budgeting and Auditing
  • Public Policy and Public Investment Evaluation
  • Transportation and Global Logistics
  • Emergency Management and Occupational Safety
  • American Legal System and Criminal Justice

Business Administration and Strategies

  • Big Data-Based Business Strategies
  • Internet and E-commerce
  • Global Enterprise Management and Strategies
  • Investment and Finance Management
  • International Merger and Acquisition
  • Technology Innovation and Cultural Innovation

Media and Entertainment

  • TV and Film Writing, Production and Marketing
  • Animated TV and Film Production
  • Unscripted TV Production
  • New Media Strategies 

Educational Leadership and Professional Development

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Student Affairs Administration
  • University Faculty Development
  • Higher Education Curriculum Design
  • Globalization Strategies and International Collaborations for Universities
  • Research Development and Laboratory Management
  • English Teaching Strategies for University Faculties and K-12 Teachers
  • Vocational Education and Workforce Development
  • K-12 Teacher Training

Programs for University Students

  • University Student Academic and Leadership Development
  • Student Leadership and Teamwork
  • Media and Communication
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Fashion Design
  • Finance and Business
  • Biotechnology and Chemistry
  • Judicial System and Public Administration
  • Healthcare Administration
  • International Crime Investigation
  • Global Leadership
  • American University Experience
  • IBB Courses
  • English Language and Culture